"Ride With The Devil" reviewed Libido Fuzz! Thanks for the amazing words!

"Well, the title kind of gives it away doesn't it? This three piece psychedelic/blues rock band is from Bordeaux, France and aside from the awesome name, they are definitely are worth your time.

This EP almost seems out of place today, after listening to it all the way through a few times you start to hear some modern stuff going on, but even then it wouldn't of been out of place somewhere in 1968 it seems like, from the vocals to guitar playing and even bass and drum parts, it's all really retro sounding, but in the best of ways. It starts off with a track called "Sunset", and automatically goes into a good ole' fashioned, toe tappin', rock riff. If you're looking for a dance song to play at your next acid party (or just like going to acid parties), this is definitely for you, as is the whole album really, should make you feel like you're trapped in the 60's or 70's and couldn't get out if you wanted to. My favorite track was probably "The Last Psychedelic Blues", this is where the modern shows through a little and you're left with what sounds almost like a straight up Stoner Rock jam."


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