The Laserdrift’s journey through the sonic wastelands began sometime in 2011 when Jere and Jupe got together with Lede and started to jam downtuned and groovy riffs. The first jams were more downtempo, low and fuzzy drifting but soon the overall tempo got higher and tunes got more rocking and rad. Quite soon along the way Sami joined in as a singer and a second guitarist and the soundscape became more melodic and the songs got more structured.


The songs on the first LP are from this era and in the recording process Jupe and Sami introduced Anssi who recorded the tunes. He also did keyboards to the songs and soon joined the band as an official member. Now, the sound of Laserdrift is best described as not-so-sophisticated blend of rad and raunchy riffs, over the top fuzz, delay-drenched guitars, mind-wobbling keyboards, otherworldly beating bass and relentlessly pounding drums accompanied by vocals that are both tempting and on the edge. The stunning Laserdrift debut will be released on vinyl and as a CD during the first half of 2016 on Pink Tank Records.