Through solar skies, three journey from the center of the earth to a time and space unknown....a place where the explosive sounds of heavy groove and psychedelic rock collide, to create a place just above the LOW ORBIT.


Formed in 2013, LOW ORBIT emerged as the culmination of over twenty years experience in the Toronto hard rock, underground scene. The resulting birth is this power trio, who share a genuine passion for their craft, and who strive to play and create the heaviest music this side of the stratosphere.


Low Orbit's sound is a solar melding of psychedelic, stoner/doom, with a punishing downbeat groove. Relentless at times and ever so beautifully layered in its thick, retrospective laid back jams. This burning star consists of Angelo Catenaro on vocals/lead guitar, Joe Grgic on bass/space trips, and Emilio Mammone on drums. The band equally shares a love for this genre of music through their influences of like-minded bands. This is also evident through the gear they use: From 70's vintage heads, cabs and drums to current day instruments, the band takes their sound very seriously. Inspired by and created with a blend of modern day elements and days gone past, Low Orbit blends 70's psychedelic/classic rock with the fresh, heavy sounds of today.


In late 2014 the band released their debut self-titled, full length album. After a year of playing gigs around the southern Ontario region and getting great acclaims from within the Stoner/Doom circle Low Orbit is releasing a re-mastered version of its songs on Vinyl with their label PINK TANK RECORDS.


In 2017 LOW ORBIT will be back with SPACECAKE. Their second full leangth is scheduled for a proper vinyl, cd and digital release. Stay tuned...