"Plenty of different sounds, instruments and effects shaped these 5 brilliant songs. Guitar, bass, drums, flute, sitar, organ and synthesizers altered with reverb, delay, wah wah, fuzz, phasers and probably a lot more effects. These guys really paid attention to creating different vibes and ambience and did it completely right. The Moon won’t get boring soon and you will find yourself playing these tracks over and over again."

(More Fuzz)


"There is a lot going on here.  The instrumentation is deep with multiple layers and textures rising and falling with novel melody lines.  The Moon is heavy without relying on fuzz and distortion- it’s mostly in the arrangements.  Vocals are more atmospheric than anything, heavily reverbed and take some fathoming out.  The fact that you can get this on bandcamp at your own price is crazy.  These guys must be moon-addled.  Throw some of that lunar cheddar their way now - they still have the rest of the solar system to address."



"Diese Musiker schaffen einen atmosphärischen Sound, als wären sie dazu bestimmt. Es gibt keinen Zweifel, dass sie hervorragende Songs zelebrieren – weiter so!"

(Rockblog Bluesspot)


"A whirly-gig head spinning buzz seeps in from bar to bar, each new bit giving rise to yet more mind raising sparkles of musical fashioning, only found within the joint works of a few people with a shared dream and a few instruments. The gelling between this band is clear, no matter how many years together, it is demonstrated again and again ,band after band, that when chemistry is there, that it cannot be denied or replicated."

(Rowan Blair Colver Online)




- 500 copies

- Jewel Case





Selene - 2:35

Looming Eye - 7:37

Mugen=Mugen - 6:57

Innocuous Creatures - 9:24 

Crust Of Theia 8:23


Label: Pink Tank Records/Fuzzmatazz Records



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