BONE MAN - PLASTIC WASTELAND (dookie brown/bronze splatter) LP




"Plastic Wasteland is a beautifully dark complex album packed full of great songs that will see Bone Man's reputation enhanced once again for creating such a fantastic album that will win them a whole range of new fans within the Stoner Rock community. Roll on the next album. Until then I advise you all to buy this must-have album."



"This album is an emotional journey. I thoroughly recommend you don’t try to dictate the terms and on which path you travel with it. It will take you where you need to go, whether you’re conscious of that or not. No doubt packing their bags to embark on their massive upcoming European tour, Bone Man are a trio to look out for. If you’re on the Bone Man path, you will enjoy this album immensely. If you’re dipping your toes into their pool for the first time, take my hand, we’ll dive together."



"The back 4 tracks are all Mayan gold, honestly. Graveyards gave me visions of a young John Densmore and Robby Krieger, sans the Manzarek organ, jamming their asses off at the Hollywood Bowl and the tracks, Flesh Land and Undergrowth simply kick that retro fueled jam down into a heavy, blistering fire of crackling guitar and swamp gas groove. The album builds nicely throughout and finishes amazingly strong like a fine, agave tequila. It's one that, I think, deserves a few spins and a place in your valued music collections."





- limited up to 350 

- amazing semi transparent splatter effect 

- 350g heavyweight cover incl. black poly inner sleeve




1. Plastic Wasteland 6:35

2. Wayfaring 4:35

3. Old Brew 5:12

4. Dry Habit 5:06



1. Graveyards 5:56

2. Flash Land 6:20

3. Undergrwoth 6:08


Label: Pink Tank Records


BONE MAN - PLASTIC WASTELAND (dookie brown/bronze splatter) LP

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