CAMEL DRIVER - CAMEL DRIVER (orange/red marbled) 12" VINYL 3rd press




"Europe seem to have the edge when it comes to the desert/experimental/psych thing having spawned bands like Colour Haze, Causa Sui and Sungrazer etc. Camel Driver plough that same sandy furrow of bass heavy riffs and quiet ambient moments and are a welcome addition to the fold. Great stuff!"



"Ballsy riffs, mixed with some tight stoner guitar that has a distinct jazzy feel to quieter moments make up a lot of what they play.  Camel Driver hit pretty much all the right notes for me, and I’d give this lp about 8 1⁄2 boulders out of 10. "

(Desert Highways)


"We love the Math rock genre here at Rotation11 as it can be so diverse at times. Camel Driver have caught our attention and deserve to be noticed, these three talented musicians have what it takes to thrive in the ever changing world of Math rock. So, add this one to your collection; it’s fresh and just a bit different to standout and spice up your music library."

(Rotation 11)




- 3rd press

- 300 copies orange/red marbled 

- 180g heavyweight vinyl

- 350g heavyweight cover 

- black poly lined inner sleeve





Side A


1. Minor Cause

2. Wedding


4. Devil's Marbles


Side B


1. Heraklion

2. Megalith

3. Party Ogre

4. Outro


Label: Pink Tank Records

Release: 4th OF DECEMBER 2015


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