LOW ORBIT - LOW ORBIT 12" LP (standard black) Vinyl Record





"One of the best psychedelic stoner bands in Canada!“

(Beach’s Basement)


"All in all, Low Orbit is a really interesting debut outing from a band that just kind of came out of leftfield for me, a pleasant and welcome surprise.  Make sure you pick up a download of the album or a CD below and let’s hope we see something on wax from these guys before long, wink, wink, nudge, nudge…“

(It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine) 


"In summary, if you like Black Sabbath at their most potently stoned, heavily psyched up Stoner Rock, and a healthy dose of Space Rock with your riffage, you’ll dig Low Orbit.“

(Aural Innovations)







1.  Space Capsule 02:37

2.  UForb 05:05

3.  WitchKing 04:17

4.  International Bass Station 05:40

5.  Lost 05:30




6.  Starships & Monoliths 05:44

7.  TreeHowl 07:16

8. The Sloth 07:41



Label: Pink Tank Records


RELEASE DATE: 01.04.2016


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