35007 - 35007 (white vinyl) 2x12" LP




"35007 found their niche in a psychetronic (now almost entirely) instrumental blend of heaviness and atmospherics, starting so quiet and patiently evolving the movement over the two songs to the record’s blood-stirring apex. This was a crucial transitional phase in the band, and in terms of harnessing where they were coming from and where they were headed, it brings together the best of both worlds."

(The Obelisk)




- 180g heavyweight double vinyl

- gatefold cover




A1 Herd

A2 Soul Machine

A3 Short Sharp Left

B1 Undo

B2 Big Bore

B3 Vein

C1 66

C2 Powertruth

D1 Locker

D2 Zero 21


Label: Stickman Records


35007 - 35007 (white vinyl) 2x12" LP

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