BONE MAN - II (12" vinyl LP)




"It still beggars belief that a band of the quality of Bone Man haven’t been snapped up by the likes of Electric Magic Records or maybe someone like Elektrohasch for whom they seem tailor made but on the strength of this release, maybe they just don’t need it. Maybe here is a band that can keep producing quality records and existing on their own terms. Either way Bone Man are a band that need to be heard…so go listen…now!!!"



"All in all, this is an amazing album and you should really check this band out and give them your support. There’s no full streaming of the album (anywhere) but you can listen to a bunch of tracks on their Facebook page, I’ve embeded a player for it here on the page as well."





- limited up to  400 copies on transparent green vinyl

- poly lined inner sleeve




1. Dead Weight

2. Closer To The Sun

3. All Eyes On Me

4. Stuck In The Mire

5. A New Breed

6. Out Of Phase

7. Wood Song

8. Hollow Promise


Label: Pink Tank Records


BONE MAN - II (12" vinyl LP) GREEN

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