THE MACHINE - DRIE (2x12" vinyl LP)




"It's tonal presence and European psychedelic feel make a persuasive case for the strength of that scene at this time, and if Eering, van Heemst and Boogaard are any indication of what the next generation of psychedelic stoner rockers have to offer, it's an offer I'll gladly take. The mood is light and the lyrics spaced, both without being foolish, and there's an element of worship to their jamming that justifies making the trip with them."





- 2x12" heavyweight 180g vinyl

- gatefold cover

- poly lined inner sleeve




1. Pyro

2. Sunbow

3. Medulla

4. Aurora

5. Tsiolkovsky's Budget a. S-IC/ b. S-II/ c. S-IVB

6. Paradox

7. First Unique Prime

8. Jam no. Phi


Label: Elektrohasch Schallplatten


THE MACHINE - DRIE (2x12" vinyl LP)

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