"...there is a fine array of stoner jams full of plenty of both soft and hard groovy riffs, mystical echoed vocals and heaps of varied guitar noodling resulting in a psychedelic stoner metal album that one could actually relate to when tripping or baked. Or alternatively, listen to Weedpecker sober and enjoy it anyway, as they've again produced a truly fine piece of work in its own right."

(Metal Storm)


"Weedpecker have created a sonic experience that demands your full attention as this is one of the most powerful Stoner Metal albums you'll hear all year. II is a contender for one of the albums of the year. Brilliant."

(The Sludgelord)


"...sometimes these types of albums just grow on you over time and stick with you with every listen. That’s been the case around here with II, so just sit back and let your mind drift with this one."

(Rotation 11)


"Heaviness, hard riffs, mellow cruising bridges, and pound after pound of leafy limberness with curling the songs around from one way into half a dozen others before it's out gives the new album a spine-jellying potency born of whatever's in Poland's water to make their heavy music groups so damn good."

(The Burning Beard)




- limited to 300 copies

- 180g heavyweight vinyl

- heavyweight gatefold cover

- poly lined inner sleeve

- high quality vinyl pressed in Germany




1. Reality Fades 07:46

2. Flowering Dimensions - 04:45

3. Fat Karma - 05:28

4. Nothingness - 05:08

5. Into The Woods - 08:14

6. The Vibe - 06:25

7. Already Gone - 04:52


Label: Pink Tank Records/Kraken Records


WEEDPECKER - II (standard black) 12" VINYL

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