KALAMATA - KALAMATA (standard black) 12" VINYL




"That being said there is some great musicianship on this album particularly in the guitar work and tone department. What really impresses me about these guys is that they just started a year ago, which is a great sign.  A band who’s sound is this fully realized, this early on,  should move from being really good to exceptional."

(The Sludgelord)


"Zwischen den ganzen schweren Riffgeschützen gibt man sich auch etwas relaxter (Soon) und melodischer (Mother) bevor es wieder volle Fuhre Blei auf die Rübe gibt (Fucker). Für eine noch so junge Truppe eine erstaunlich abgeklärte Scheibe, die vor allem bei Genrefreunden für ein breites Dauergrinsen sorgen wird und eine regelrechte Sogwirkung entfaltet. Beim einmaligen Durchlauf bleibt es jedenfalls bei meinem Player nicht."

(Hooked On Music)


"Soon is another standout, being a ballsy Stoner Rock ‘n’ Roller with a sassy swaggering groove. But the last two tracks are my favorites and are very different from one another. Mother is the shortest track of the set but also the most high energy and tightly wound, sounding like a Wolfmother/Colour Haze shotgun wedding and includes some ripping wah’d solos. And Fucker is the fuzziest, sludgiest, doomiest track of the set, with guitar licks that cut like some Psychedelic demon’s knife."

(Aural Innovations)




- standard black edition limited to 100 copies

- 180g heavyweight vinyl

- 350g heavyweight cover

- poly lined inner sleeve

- high quality vinyl pressed in Germany




1. You 07:04

2. Have 06:33

3. To 07:17

4. Die 07:36

5. Soon 03:57

6. Mother 03:31

7. Fucker 07:14


Label: Pink Tank Records


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