MARIJANNAH - TILL MARIJANNAH (light orange eternity) 12" vinyl record


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"Filthy, catchy stoner metal is the order of the day with 'Snakecharmer', the debut single by Marijannah. Made up of members from Wormrot, The Caulfield Cult/bruised willies and Abolition AD, it would be easy to say that Marijannah is the concise sum of its parts — but nope, this six-minute behemoth stands well on its own, with blown-out production (it's not your speakers) and blazing riffs for days."

(Bandwaggon Asia)


"The tasty riffs are delivered via guitars that sound like they’re in dire need of a shave and a shower, the vocals are otherworldly, and the drums give me the munchies. What more could you want from this kind of music?"



"Do you like Sleep and smoking a ton of weed? Then do we have a band from you, and it comes from a fairly unlikely source. Wormrot guitarist Nurrasyid "Rasyid" Juraimi and members of fellow Singaporean band The Caulfield Cult have teamed up for a new band called Marijannah, and it's all the stoner metal you could ever want."



"Break out the hot knives and water pipes: This week brings some terrific stoner doom from Marijannah, a Singapore outfit featuring members from Wormrot — better known as the fiercest grindcore group in the South Pacific  — and the pop-punk band the Caulfield Cult. On their debut single "Snakecharmer," the four-piece pay ear-splitting homage to the resin-caked canon as drafted by Electric Wizard, Witchfinder General, et al., percolating their other bands' latent aggression through hazy melodies and ten-ton guitar riffs."





- limited to 200 copies on light orange eternity wax

- 180g high quality heavyweight vinyl pressed in Germany

- 350g heavyweight cover

- poly lined inner sleeve

- incl. double sided insert print

- incl. download code




Side A


1. 1974 - 7:01

2. Snakecharmer - 6:27


Side B


1. Bride of Mine - 9:03

2. All Hallows' Eve - 6:40


Label: Pink Tank Records


+++ PRE-ORDER, RELEASES 15th OF MARCH 2018 +++


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