SAUTRUS - ANTHONY HILL (Anthonys Envy Edition) 12" vinyl record limited to 300 copies




Complex and savory, the flavor is dark and heavy as you can want it and when that vocal hits, full forward is the only way to travel alongside. So many elements perfectly combined to create what I would hope is a staple of SAUTRUS’ live set that a crowd would have zero options but to whip it up to full frenzy as these guys hammer away showing a mastery of their craft with a musicianship that is lacking with so many. Perfect cap on an amazing release. BUY it the second you can get it and support them if you are lucky enough to have them in your area!!

(Taste Nation LLC)




- limited to 300 copies

- Anthony's envy (yellow/black marbled)

- 180g heavyweight vinyl

- 350g heavyweight cover

- poly lined inner sleeve

- incl. download code 

- high quality vinyl pressed in Germany






1. The Way - 7:06

2. Good Mourning - 5:15

3. The Fungus - 5:58

4. Cats On The Fence - 2:30




1. Synopticon - 8:40

2. Shotgun - 8:57

3. When The War Is Over - 3:26


Label: Pink Tank Records


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