AUX - TROUBADOUR (harmony orange) Exclusive Pink Tank Edition 12" vinyl record




Hold everything boys and girls, there’s a new pink tank band in town. The cannons are firing louder than ever, rifling out tight patterns of progressive heavy, reinforced with jagged riffs and atmospheric melodies. Absolutely sublime! 

(Bucky Brown)


"...ranging in impression from the post-grunge hookmaking of “Fives” through bluesy classicism of “Deadly Rage” and into the garage foreboding moodiness of centerpiece “Filter” before the pair of 10-minute cuts, “Geocentric” and “Phantom,” comprise a second half for Troubadour that finds itself equally comfortable nodding toward King Crimson and Radiohead. Fed by a constant stream of jazzy basslines and fluid guitar work, the 40-minute long-player avoids pretense while remaining thoughtful in its construction, and as the lineup of vocalist Paul, guitarists Richi (rhythm) and Micha (lead), bassist Jannis and drummer Ole make their way through, they follow a clearly-set linear path that gracefully executes an overarching master plan."

(The Obelisk)




- limited to 100 copies on harmony orange wax 

- exclusive Pink Tank Edition

- 180g heavyweight vinyl

- 300g heavyweight gatefold cover

- pressed in Germany

- poly lined inner sleeve

- incl. download code

- hand numbered






1. Fives - 8:40

2. Deadly Rage - 5:04

3. Filter - 6:44




1. Geocentric - 10:04

2. Phantom - 10:11


Label: Pink Tank Records


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