PHIASCO - VIEH (black) 12" vinyl record 2nd press




"This new record was certainly worth waiting for though, so brace yourself as we embark on a rock and roll rampage through the crazy world of Phiasco!"

(More Fuzz)


"Die druckvolle und transparente Produktion setzt dem ganzen die Krone auf. Ein überzeugendes Debut einer Band, von der man hoffentlich noch viel hören wird."

(Rockblog Bluesspot)


"Cuts like “Old Town” and opener “Back to the Future” – hey, that’s a movie! – bring catchy hooks, and the uptempo “Erasing Rabbits with My Phaserlight” winds up as harmonized as goofed out, and thus is all the more engaging. There’s a certain amount of getting by on charm here, but Phiasco have a capable, varied songwriting process that’s given due fullness and clarity in these eight tracks."

(The Obelisk)




- limited to 200 copies on black wax (2nd press)

- 180g heavyweight vinyl

- incl. poster & download code




1. Back to the Future 04:57

2. Ultimate Warrior 06:19

3. Titanus 04:34

4. Titanus II 04:49

5. Erasing rabbits with my Phaserlight 04:23

6. Old Town 04:02

7. Sunndown 06:20

8. Phisco 15:07


Label: Shithead Records


PHIASCO - VIEH (black) 12" vinyl record 2nd press

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